Construction Updates and Parking Procedures

Parking Procedures

City Park Community,

With the next phase of construction beginning Monday, February 11, 2019, it is very important we follow our dismissal procedures outlined below for the safety of our students. The City Park Campus includes City Park, The Annex (immediately beside City Park), and The 101 Building (immediately behind City Park).

Student Dismissal:
Car Riders:

  • PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED to park ON CAMPUS and walk up to get student(s), this creates a safety hazard and slows the dismissal process.
  • Car rider tags must be visible at all times while on campus.
  • When picking up students, move forward as far as possible, following staff direction.
  • Students will be escorted to their vehicle by City Park Staff.
  • DO NOT move car after loaded until directed by City Park Staff.
  • Left turns into the campus from School Street are NOT permitted by Dalton traffic ordinance. Violation may result in ticketing by the Dalton Police Department.
  • Students in grades PK-2 dismiss from the main entrance to the school. Students in grades 3-5 dismiss on Crawford Street near the auditorium. Any student in grades 3-5 with a sibling in PK-2 dismiss from the main entrance with the younger child.


  • All students walking home will exit the building under the direction of school staff from the main school entrance using the sidewalk to exit the campus. The crosswalks provided on Jones Street should be used to leave the campus. Parents walking their child home can meet their child at the main entrance of the school and use the sidewalk to exit the campus.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact the school.

Construction Updates

February 5th, 2019

Safety & Separation - Project Approach – City Park Elementary

Phases 6, Auditorium & Bathrooms

  • 1.Hours of Operation (Phase 6 & Auditorium)
  • a.Parrish Construction Team – 7:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Thursday
  • i.Bathrooms to be after hours
  • b.Parrish Construction Team to stay in designated construction area.
  • c.Teacher Move Weekend
  • i.No more teacher moves
  • d.Phase 6 & Bathrooms will rely on after hours work to maintain separation between construction and students/ staff.
  • e.Rooms being renovated will remain locked during school hours.
  • f.DPS After Hours Contact - Bob Lewis (706) 463-7468
  • g.Security #1 Contact – (706) 463-7469
  • 2.Evacuation & Lock-Down Safety Plan
  • a.Parrish Construction will align with DPS policy
  • b.Safety Plan for Evacuation (Fire Alarm)
  • i.DPS & Parrish Construction have coordinated each phase so that students & construction personnel have separate evacuation rally points.
  • c.Safety Plan for Lock-Down (bomb threat, tornado, etc.)
  • i.DPS & Parrish Construction have coordinated each phase so that students & construction personnel have separate lock-down rally points.
  • ii.Construction personnel will remain inside construction areas.
  • d.Parrish superintendent to communicate with office.

  • e.Logistics of each plan is reviewed weekly and updated as required.