Ms. Emily Jones serves as the guidance counselor for City Park School. Weekly, Ms. Jones works with classes for guidance lessons. Ms. Jones is also available for the following services:

  • individual student counseling
  • student group counseling
  • parent meetings
  • parent information
  • information concerning community resources

City Park Students learn about Character Education. We have a CATchy Character word for each month. At the end of the month, each homeroom teacher chooses a student who has demonstrated this quality throughout the month. These students of the month are photographed, given a certificate, given a prize, and recognized on the WVCP morning broadcast and at our pep sessions. Our Character Words are:

August -- Respect
September -- Responsibility
October -- Honesty and Trustworthy
November -- Fairness
December -- Generosity
January -- Perseverance
February -- Kindness
March -- Courage
April -- Self-Dicipline
May -- Citizenship

Ms. Jones can be reached at